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Massachusetts Justice of the Peace | Wedding Celebrant Galdys Rivera Rogers

My Services for your Celebration

All formal ceremony packages include an initial consultation to get to know you as a couple. Some of the basics of a ceremony include an introduction, exchange of vows, exchange of rings and closing/pronouncement.  


I can provide you with a framework for your vows or based on my professional writing skills and resources work with you to create words and sentiments that will strengthen your bonds, deepen your love and enrich your ceremony.


Some things to remember  marriage licenses must be in my hand 24 hours before the ceremony. (I can’t perform your ceremony  without a marriage license, so please make sure you obtain yours.)

I provide my cell phone number for the day of the ceremony and try to be on the premises at least 30 minutes before your ceremony to give you peace of mind. I wear a black judge’s robe to officiate. There is also an additional charge for my presence at rehearsals whether I facilitate the rehearsal or not. A small, non-refundable deposit is required at booking to hold the date and time with the balance due immediately after the ceremony.

My Fees for your Celebration

The services and packages that I offer are:


~ A Simple, Elegant Ceremony

~ Creatively Tailored Ceremony

~ Personally Customized Ceremony


The fee for a Simple, Elegant wedding ceremony in Malden is $100 and outside of Malden is $150. This widely popular and elegant ceremony will bring you much happiness and a day to remember for a lifetime. Includes some of the basics of a ceremony such as an introduction, exchange of vows, exchange of rings and closing/pronouncement.  



Creatively Tailored Ceremonies are a great value considering the memories that you as a couple will share for eternity, $300 outside of Malden and $225 in Malden. Together you and I will craft a ceremony that brings together your special requests and the beautiful ceremony that I have become known for performing.  This ceremony will allow your guests to share in your love.


Personally and Fully Customized Ceremonies cost a little more but include so much of your personality and take the ceremony to another level. The fees for a fully customized ceremony are $375 outside of the Malden area $325 in Malden. I can work with you on any vows that you wish to incorporate. I can include remembrances for family and friends who are not present, to give a special welcome to your guests, to thank parents for their wisdom and guidance or ask your guests to voice their support of your union.

I can include any ritual that you find important to your values such as: mingling of sand, salt, or water; unity candle; exchange of wine, champagne or chocolates; unity coins; jumping of the broom; handfasting or tying; ring warming; truce bell; and presentation of roses to mothers (grandmothers).


After your ceremony has concluded, I complete the license in my home, sign it, record it in a register I maintain for the state, and return it to the city or town hall from which you obtained it. Please allow 1-2 weeks before you request from that city or town hall the official marriage certificate that you will need for name changes and insurance purposes. I am not permitted to copy the license for you.


I also offer vow renewals and baby naming or blessing ceremonies. Call (617) 538-5049

"Gladys is both professional and a delightful person who met our needs for a last-minute wedding. ..."
                                                                                                  - Gerald

Creatively Tailored
Perrsonally Customized
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